Individualized Support Services

Residents who require individualized support services (for their daily living support, nursing support, etc.) will select their preferred provider of choice to address their required individualized supports.

Residents may choose to obtain individualized support services through various methods including:

  • Pre-arranged family or friend drop-in support, overnight support, or full-time roommate
  • Self-pay to a service provider organization or to a private individual
  • Waiver or other state program (e.g., DDDS HCBS Waiver, DDDS Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Waiver, Life Span Waiver, etc.

Residents may find that teaming with other individuals in their housing community to share support resources may lessen their cost for support services.

Advanced technology will be utilized to address specific support needs which may decrease the need for individual support services. Assistive equipment includes wireless technology and accessible adaptations customized to the needs, abilities, and personal goals of individual residents.

Residents who require employment services, day habilitation, and/or pre-vocational programs will continue to have the option of selecting their preferred provider of choice for these services in the broader community.

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