Our Plan

The Vision

Our supportive communities will:

  • Encourage independence
  • Promote active and healthy lifestyles
  • Utilize advanced technology to address support needs
  • Be in compliance with state and federal regulations related to housing for this special population
  • Be inclusive to residents from all walks of life and will encompass full access to and participation in community life.

Our Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods will be for:

  • Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)
  • And families and other allies who choose to live in this supportive community (family members of  adults with I/DD are not required to live in the community).

Homes will be purchased by the residents or rented from the homeowner, like any other residential community.

Up to 25% of the residents will be adults with I/DD who own or rent their homes.

The community may include a multi-unit condo building, duplex homes, and single family  homes.

Homes will include wiring for cable, high-speed internet, and advanced technology to help empower residents and connect them to outside resources.

Homes will be unfurnished, follow universal design, and may incorporate energy-efficient building techniques.

The Community Center may include a community kitchen for group meals, a comfortable gathering area with TV and fireplace, a fitness room with equipment, office space and meeting rooms, and can serve as an emergency shelter in weather emergencies. Safety and security will be emphasized utilizing advanced technology.

The neighborhood will be ideally located near existing bus routes and public transportation.

Pedestrian-friendly walking and biking paths will be incorporated.

A community garden and/or greenhouse may be included, along with a basketball court, tennis court, and horseshoe pit.

All residents may buy-in to an optional meal program for healthy dinners and can be eaten in the community center for added socialization.

*For those who require rental assistance it may be possible to obtain housing vouchers or other governmental assistance, grants, or help through ICL fundraising efforts.

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