Technology for Support

Smart home and assistive technology are revolutionizing the world, especially for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and older adults who want to age in place.  Technology can enable our vulnerable loved ones to live more safely, exercise more choice, help with care, and achieve greater independence than ever before.  

Most importantly however, such advanced technology will greatly increase the independence of adults with ID/D and also assure families and caregivers as to their safety and health. For instance, sensors will be able to provide notification as to medications taken and if a resident has fallen or is injured either in their community home or outside.

Some examples of how technology can be used:

  • Home security systems with video monitoring
  • Smart doorbells allowing residents to see who is at the door
  • Smart door locks
  • Video calling to friends and neighbors
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Medication dispenser sensors
  • Wrist devices that monitor heart rate, blood pressure, quality of sleep, etc.
  • Individually customized controls in separate bedrooms for lights, thermostat, fans, etc. which can be set to automatically engage upon entering the room
  • Cool touch stove tops that shut off automatically
  • Refrigerators that order food and arrange for delivery
  • Faucet sensors to control water temperature
  • GPS tracking

For communication and daily living skills, many adults with I/DD already use assistive devices.

*The consent of the resident with I/DD and their parents/guardians must be obtained for video monitoring, reports, tracking, etc., and any devices that could violate an individual’s rights or privacy.  Innovative Community Living does not endorse or mandate any specific use and leaves all agreements up to the homeowners and residents.


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